(Puncture vine weevils are not available to order at this time.)

Our number one goal is to eliminate puncturevine (a.k.a. Goatheads) from your community as well as ours. With your help, we will keep working
toward this goal together, by using any and all means at our disposal. Including but not limited to: Puncturevine-eating weevils, pulling, spraying, burning and educating.

Stepped on a goathead lately?

Still don't see it?
It's two people with stickers in their feet.

This design represents the fact that Puncturevine is a problem for everyone, and together we can make a difference!

Got Goatheads?
Puncturevine Weevils
Can Help!

To our valued past, current and future customers:

Puncture vine weevils are not available to order at this time, we have still not found a supplier. Our intent is to continue searching for a supplier so that we can be a source for a biological means of eradicating puncture vine weeds. 

Please know that we are diligently searching, and that the frustration runs full circle. If you have tried placing an order for weevils on this website, please know that your personal information has not been saved nor processed in any manner. Please do not continue to place orders for puncture vine weevils via our website as we are not able to process nor fulfill at this time.

If/when an update is available, we will post it on our website as well as those who requested being on the reminder list will receive an email. 

Thank you again for your understanding as we continue to look for a supplier.

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